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I'm Gerard

I'm a designer from Barcelona specialized in digital product design. I focus on detail, functionality and productivity to create attractive and unique webs and apps.

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I work on all kinds of projects. From small business websites to complex apps for startups and entrepreneurs.

Recent projects


User Experience

Got an awesome idea, sketches or a product that needs a touch of refinement? I will help you develop the characteristics, navigation maps, states and interactions. The success of your product may depend on how well the usability is achieved.

User Interface

It is difficult to separate the UX design from the UI. Both complement and draw each other. I enjoy creating attractive, simple and unique interfaces for all types of platforms (mobile, tablet, desktop). I also create design systems so that the projects are consistent and easily scalable.


Online stores based on Webflow technology so that your business can expand globally.


If your product needs outside perspective I can review and provide a detailed design critique via videoconference or in-person depending on your location.

Mi process



It is the most crucial step in the process. I ask a lot of questions to understand the problems my clients want to solve, the goals they want to achieve, and the audience they are targeting.



Where things get more interesting! In this phase we will develop the information architecture, navigation flows, states and wireframes. If necessary, branding will also be worked on. All final designs will go through a review and approval phase.


Before moving on to programming, prototyping and user testing will be done to detect possible improvements. With the published project, data will be analyzed and if necessary we will go back (as many times as necessary).

I have worked with Gerard for three years on various UX and web design projects with very satisfactory results. Gerard's ability to understand and adapt to the needs of each project have been perfect to complete them successfully. For my part, and on the part of the team that we have worked with him, we have full confidence in his experience for future projects.

Alvaro García de Polavieja
Alvaro garcía de polavieja
CEO, Sailwiz

I have done several projects with Gerard since 2015. His work is excellent both in design and user experience where, in both cases, he takes into account the latest trends and methodologies. Personally, I'm very satisfied with the final result of the projects we share.

Luis león
Developer, órbita baja

When I decided to renew our website, I was clear about the importance of incorporating a UX / UI designer. The incorporation of Gerard to the project has been a success and a learning for our team. The final result has exceeded our expectations. Now we have a much more direct and fluid navigation for our clients, and Gerard has given us many new ideas that have worked very well.

Pau Sansó
ceo, Inkpres

Gerard was in charge of the web design and user experience of Guidd. The result was very satisfactory. Gerard is passionate about his work and a great professional. He made the project his own and took care of even the smallest detail. His involvement exceeded our expectations, as he also ensured the correct technological development of the platform.

Carles Pontí
ceo, Guidd


Before reaching me out I suggest you to read these few FAQs. They can save us a lot of time and emails🤘

I need something awesome, fast and cheap. Can you do that?

I'm sorry Dave, I'm afraid I can't do that.
These three words are incompatible in any decent project.

Do you also code?

Only if it is a project that is not very complex from the point of view of programming (like the site you are viewing).

For this type of development I usually use Webflow, a website building and hosting platform that makes developing fully custom sites much more affordable and quicker than using Wordpress or coding from scratch. Webflow takes care of the back-end and hosting (like Shopify) and provides a highly customizable CMS to manage the site.

How much do you charge?

It depends on the complexity, size, requirements, etc. From 400€ for a simple landing page to +20,000€ for a complex app with a custom design system, illustrations, advanced prototypes and user testing.

I am interested but first I want you to design some stuff. For free.

Seriously, if you are a decent professional you'll know this is bulls**t. I only do this with well-known clients with whom I have previously worked.

Let's chat!

Have a project in mind? Wanna say hello? Just drop me a few lines and I will get back to you ASAP.